Da Dia reef - a natural masterpiece

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Da Dia reef, located on the East coast (in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district), is a national landscape, and the Prime Minister has recently signed a decision to rank a special national scenic spot.
Da Dia reef attracting many tourists

The charming love of sea and rocks

Based on surveys and research, scientists believe that, about 200 million years ago, during volcanic activity in the Van Hoa plateau, lava erupted along the current leading down to the sea. When encountering cold seawater, in addition to the post-tensioning phenomenon, the lava blocks were frozen, cracked along the longitudinal circuit, creating prismatic rocks.

Prismatic stone blocks have hexagonal, quadrilateral surface, neatly stacked, high and low, vertical and slightly inclined to the East Sea, a type of super durable rock structure. The stone blocks like a pile of bowls, the pile of plates originated the name Da Dia reef. Da Dia reef was formed from a natural phenomenon, but it feels like a certain angel's hand has arranged it, the structure is very unique, is a masterpiece of stone, is an invaluable gift that the Creator gives human.

From a distance, Da Dia reef looks like a giant honeycomb, about 50m wide and over 200m long; a charming encounter between sea and rocks. Thousands of stacks of rocks glow in mysterious black, prominent in the clear blue sea; the waves rushed into the rocks to release white foam. There are adolescent rocks whose surface is smooth as if they were very young, on the contrary, there are long-standing stones with pockmarked surface, looking old over time, all hugging each other, hugging each other tightly, not being able to remove.

Next to Da Dia reef is Bang beach with smooth white sand, which is evenly curved like a moon, the waves crashing white foam; fishing boats and baskets stagger on the water through long nights awake. Above the reef are fields of sweet potatoes, sugarcane fields, grey-blue smoke spreading out, all like a multicolorful water painting.

Outside the reef is a vast sea, clear blue water, each wave is flexible, churning out white foam. Da Dia reef is considered one of the most famous and beautiful cliffs in the world.

An attractive destination

From the National Highway 1 to the north, passing Chi Thanh town, turn right to Lo Gom bridge, Mang Lang church and then Da Dia reef; the road has been covered with plastic mats, quite nice and convenient for reaching the reef. Along the way, we saw Ong mountain stooping / Ba mountain wearing a hat like the poet Nguyen My-Tuy An's son wrote about this land. The two sides have a peaceful scene, sometimes the hills are rolling, sometimes the villages are dim.

Ngan Son river and Ha Yen dam with peaceful blue water winding around the mountainside comes to Binh Ba estuary, where the famous Tien Chau commercial port is located; the fresh rice, sugarcane and sweet potato fields show off their young green color in the early sun.

After days of isolation due to the COVID-19 epidemic, currently, tours to O Loan lagoon, Mang Lang church, Da Dia reef, Xep beach, Thom hill are reopened. Among this series of landscapes and monuments, Da Dia reef is a special national monument that visitors really like. However, the time for the to stop at Da Dia reef was not much due to the lack of trees and inadequate tourism services; they can’t swim in the sea, take a lunch break, or spend the night.

In order for Da Dia reef to have a more attractive investment, in our opinion, the road from National Highway No. 1 over Lo Gom bridge to Mang Lang church, Da Dia reef, Xep beach, both sides of all construction projects must reverse more than 5m as the roadway, the building is two stories high with the tiled slope roof. This is the gateway, the corridor brings us to Da Dia reef.

In addition, it is necessary to invest in the project of Stone Culture Resort Village on Bang beach, which is a place for swimming and relaxation... Low-rise houses, walls, paths, courtyards, fences are all built of stone, with low construction density, growing flowers, vegetables and fruits, combining the place of processing local products as souvenirs to sell to tourists while traveling and relaxing here.

In addition, the authorities need to plant many shade trees to withstand the sunshine and sea breeze such as sea urchin, casuarina,... planted into long carpet, planted into forests. At the same time, it is necessary to have a plan to guide and coordinate guests, to avoid jostling and congestion; hundreds of people down at the same time will not have a place to film and take pictures, many guests regret when leaving. By doing so, Da Dia reef will become an attractive tourism destination in Phu Yen province.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY


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