Preparing the contents and human resources for the XVIIth provincial Party Congress

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On September 15th, in HCMC, commissioner of the politburo, chairwoman of the National Congress, Comrade Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, chaired the working session of the Politburo and the task delegation of the executive board of Phu Yen provincial Party Committee. The working session is aimed at raising ideas into the draft documents and human resource solutions to well prepare for the XVIIth Provincial Party congress, tenure 2020-2025.

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The task delegation of the executive committee of Phu Yen provincial Party Committee having photos taken with the comrades in the politburo

Constructing the strong and transparent Party and the political system

At the working session, Secretary of the provincial Party committee cum PPC chairman, Comrade Pham Dai Duong reported to the politburo on the preparing tasks for the XVIIth provincial Party congress, tenure 2020-2025 with the focal issue being the draft political reports, the reports on reviewing by the executive committee of the provincial Party committee, tenure 2015-2020 to present to the congress and the task of human resource preparations for the congress.

The draft political report presented to the congress was dedicately, carefully made with numerous adjustments before completing and sending to the Politburo for idea contributions. Assessing the results after 5 years implementing the resolution of the XVIth provincial Party congress, 14/18 criteria were met or surpassed against the plan. The annual average GRDP growth rate is 7%. Economic structure continued to shift in the right directions. The economy scope increased 1.6 times against the year 2015. and the average GRDP per capita is 7%. The economic structure has shifted in the right direction. The task of constructing the Party, the political system into strong and transparent organizations has been comprehensively enhanced in all aspects. The province has been strenuously concentrated on permeating, concreting to seriously implement the central 4 resolution tenure XII on enhancing the construction and adjustment of the Party. The task of checking, supervising of the Party and combating against corruption and bribe has been concentrated on leading, directing and certain significant achievements have been gained; lots of cadres and Party members, including provincial Party commissioner have been checked and dealt…

As for the main targets to the year 2025, comrade Pham Dai Duong emphasized that the draft political report proposed 8 groups of tasks and solutions. Among which, economic development with the focal task being marine-based economy, together with exploiting the potentials in agriculture, forestry in the Western region on the basis of applying scientific and technological progress, developing products according to chains,  closely linking according to region link, between South Phu Yen and North Khanh Hoa, between Song Cau of Phu yen and Quy Nhon of Binh Dinh, between Phu Yen and Tay Nguyen; implementing solutions on attracting investment sources and developing economic sectors, particularly private enterprises…

Comrade Pham Dai Duong, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee cum PPC chairman, reporting to the politburo the task of preparing for the XVIIth Provincial Party Congress, tenure 2020-2025

Being united, setting role models, self help for self improvement

Addressing to conclude, Commissioner of the politburo, chairwoman of the National Congress, Comrade Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, basically agreed with the themes, structures, contents of the draft political report. When it comes to implementing the Resolution of the XVIth Party congress, tenure 2015-2020,  Comrade Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan highly appreciated the Provincial Party committee, people of Phu Yen for having making efforts to achieve lots of significant results, which are fairly comprehensive, and this obviously proved the great determination to strive and better by Phu Yen provincial governments and citizens. The value of agricultural products has increased and developed in the right direction, changing the economic structure and investment environment has been improved. Nevertheless, the province’s economic growth has not been practically sustainable with minor scope and low economic competitiveness. Phu Yen has not yet fully exploited and developed the potentials and advantages.

Comrade Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan noticed that it would be essential for Phu Yen province to clearly determine the strengths against other provinces to develop the province’s economy. Besides, Phu Yen would also need to emphasize 3 factors i.e the lessons on solidarity, setting role models of leaders and the strong will of self help for self development. Phu Yen has been correct in setting directions, targets and tasks in the coming tenure, which proves the highly political will and determination. The five focal and breakthrough tasks set by the province are rational. The idea of regional linking and developing the 4 directions of Phu Yen is highly praiseworthy. Nonetheless, we need to manage the scheme to develop both the strengths and potentials. Comrade Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan suggested Phu Yen would have to consider the following issues:

Firstly, accelerate the speed of setting the province’s scheme for the period of 2021-2030 and vision to 2050.

Secondly, more drastically shift the economic structure, fast developing the agricultural sectors and products and services with high technological percentage and high added value. Besides, it would be necessary to develop the manufacturing technological zone with renewable wind, solar energy, to take advantage and exploit the natural advantages as well as the strength of Phu Yen province’s available infrastructure; developing economic economy to closely connect with the task of protecting the sea and islands’ sovereignty, carrying out new projects, upgraded offshore exploiting fishing vessels and service fishing vessels; enhancing high-tech agriculture and concentrating on constructing, efficiently exploiting. Enhancing the quality of constructing new rural areas, enhancing to improve the citizens’ income; developing tourism into the sharp-edged economy, taking efficient solutions to better exploit the potentials.

Thirdly, continue to synchronously construct socio-eco infrastructure, particularly the traffic system connecting, the significant economic centers; doing research into the highways connecting Phu Yen with the central highlands provinces and attaching significant attention to climate change.

Fourthly, permeating the advocacies of socio-eco development, ensuring national defence and security, constructing the strong political system as well as the cadre task in the regions resided by ethnic minority compatriots.

Fifthly, it would be necessary to construct and develop human resources to meet the demand of constructing Phu Yen in the new period, issuing policies to attract human resources with high quality, prestige, competence to come and work in the province; caring for medical service quality, especially in rural and mountainous areas to ensure the fundamental index in medical care for the sake of optimal health for the people. 

Sixthly, consolidate the national defense in the firm manner, preserve the political security, social order and  safety and well deal with the nation relationship, religions and security in rural regions.

Seventhly, the task of constructing the Party and political system would have to closely follow the 10 central tasks in the task of constructing the Party. Renovate and enhance the competence, combating force of the Party. Construct and create solidarity, high consensus within the entire Party committee, frequently checking, supervising, particularly for the cadres in the sectors at high risks of wrong-doings.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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