Promoting urban development in the province

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After nearly 5 years (2015-2020) of implementing the Phu Yen Urban Development Program to 2025 with a vision to 2030, the province has achieved encouraging results, positively contributing to orientation and development for urban areas across the province.
Tuy Hoa urban appearance is increasingly modern, clean and beautiful

Talking with the Phu Yen newspaper around the above issue, Mr Tran Xuan Tuc, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Construction said:

- Phu Yen province has currently had 9 urban areas, including: Tuy Hoa city is grade II urban, Song Cau town of grade III, Dong Hoa town of grade IV and 6 urban areas of grade V, including La Hai townlet (Dong Xuan district) , Hai Rieng townlet (Song Hinh district), Cung Son townlet (Son Hoa district), Phu Hoa townlet (Phu Hoa district), Phu Thu townlet (Tay Hoa district) and Chi Thanh townlet (Tuy An district). During the recent years, the urbanization rate has gradually increased over the years, which shows that the attractiveness and development potential of the urbans in the province has been very strong in the context of the region's high-speed urbanization.

Specifically, the rate of urbanization of the whole province in 2005 was 20.54%; in 2009 of more than 23%; in 2019 of 32.53% and by 2020 it is 38.5%. However, for each sub-region and each urban development axis, the urbanization rate is quite different. The axis of high urbanization rate is the urban centers along National Highway No.1 including Song Cau - Chi Thanh - Tuy Hoa - Dong Hoa. The areas with low urban development speed are newly formed towns, towns located in mountainous and midland districts such as Phu Hoa, Son Hoa, Tay Hoa...

* What is the target to strive for in the future?

- Over the past years, the investment in developing urban infrastructure in the province has been paid attention and there have been many clear changes, step by step ensuring a harmonious and sustainable urban development. Up to now, the upgrading of urban areas for Song Cau town to grade III and Dong Hoa town to grade IV has been completed. Song Hinh and Tuy An districts have been planning urban development programs for Ea Ly commune (Song Hinh district) and An My commune (Tuy An district) to form two new urban centers by 2021.

In the period of 2020-2025, Phu Yen province will continue to invest and upgrade urban areas, striving to by 2025 to reach the criteria and standards of Grade I, the urban areas of Chi Thanh (Tuy An district) and Cung Son (Son Hoa district) of from grade V to grade IV; at the same time, to concentrate investment on completing criteria and standards to form four new urban centers of grade V, including: Son Long commune (Son Hoa district); Xuan Phuoc commune (Dong Xuan district); Hoa Tri commune (Phu Hoa district) and Son Thanh Dong commune (Tay Hoa district). The remaining urban centers include: Xuan Lanh (Dong Xuan district); Tra Ke - Son Hoi (Son Hoa district); Hoa My Dong (Tay Hoa district); Phong Nien (Phu Hoa district) will form Grade V urban areas in the period of 2025-2030.

* To achieve the above target, what should the relevant departments and localities need to do, sir?

- In the immediate future, it is necessary to continue to organize the implementation of the tasks and solutions identified in the Urban Development Program of Phu Yen province till 2025 and a vision to 2030 with reviewing and additional adjustment accordingly with the development situation. In particular, localities organize to formulate projects to raise the type for each urban center; continue to review, adjust, supplement and approve the completion of urban master plans, subdivision construction planning and quality assurance details with integrating green growth criteria and sustainable development for the city. It must have brought connective, complementary and synchronous factors with other sectoral plans, especially land use planning.

Next, it is necessary to focus on attracting social resources and the participation of the community in the urban development process, from planning to planning implementation to both ensure state management and meet the needs of residents and investors; to focus on development in the direction of promoting the potentials and strengths of each region, in which coastal areas continue to be identified as a driving force, creating a breakthrough for growth and economic restructuring of the province; focus on investment in developing infrastructure in coastal areas, creating conditions for early deployment of marine tourism service projects.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY


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