Drastic media propagation on safe tourism

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Tourism businesses’ striving to build products with safety, quality and discount criteria is necessary but not enough to stimulate tourism in the post-COVID-19 context; parallelly, a great need for a communication and promotion campaign can help to restore tourism.
Phu Yen welcoming a famtrip delegation to survey tourism products associated with Binh Dinh and the Central Highlands provinces

According to the Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Tourism Association, Mr Vu The Binh, in order to get high effective for stimulating the demand in the current conditions, there must be quality, safe and affordable products for tourists to see that Vietnam is an interesting, safe destination. And how visitors can see the above-mentioned, it’s to require a strong media campaign.

Vietnam has managed to safely and effectively control COVID-19 pandemic, an important point that travel experts need to emphasize when communicating, not only domestic but also foreign media to prepare for the influx of international tourists as soon as the countries control the COVID-19 epidemic. At a recent conference on tourism restoration solutions organized by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Mr Christophe Lajus, Director of the BRG Group's hotel and tourism business, shared: Vietnam is a safe destination, which is the main message to introduce Vietnam to international visitors. Vietnam's tourism industry should convey the message to domestic and foreign tourists. In order to promote successfully, the Government must increase safety goals and on-site solutions to give visitors peace of mind when traveling to Vietnam.

It is a media story on a macro scale and is a long-term goal to prepare for the international tourist market in the coming time, while at present, Vietnam tourism focuses on the domestic tourism market.

For Phu Yen province, the Tourism Industry has been also promoting a campaign of safe tourism and marine tourism. Mr Pham Van Bay, Director of Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said: “The propaganda and promotion work always plays an important role in tourism development. In the present time, it’s even more meaningful. Phu Yen tourism has two major advantages: Firstly, marine and island tourism products are the popular choice for tourists; secondly, Phu Yen province is also one of the localities in the whole country that well control the COVID-19 epidemic, an important highlight in the propaganda”. Also according to Mr. Pham Van Bay, as a state management agency, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has always paid attention and arranged the budget in the best possible condition for promoting tourism on the local and national press, radio and television channels. The Department also increased the reception of film crews, reality television programs on tourism, famtrip; directed the Tourism Management Department, the Center for Tourism Promotion and Information, the Monuments Management Board and its affiliates to effectively and actively manage and support tourism businesses to introduce products and post information, photos on the website of the industry, such as svhttdl.phuyen.gov.vn, phuyentourism.vn, public groups on facebook, zalo of Phu Yen tourism...

It’s more important in the propaganda and tourism promotion, none other than the tourism businesses themselves and the people doing tourism. With an enthusiastic travel product, its own promotions, businesses must introduce themselves to everyone. Currently, social networking sites like facebook, zalo, youtube... are very popular and convenient environment to introduce to the public. Mr Ho Van Tien, Chairman of Phu Yen Tourism Association, said: "Sharing a good article, a beautiful image of tourism is also a way to promote effectively”.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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