For the election day to practically become the festival of the entire population

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With the efforts of all levels, sectors, the first negotiating meeting for voting the national congress delegates term XV and the delegates for the people’s council at all levels, tenure 2021-2026 in the province has taken placed in the democratic, legal, time-stipulated manner.
The delegates taking part in the conference on instructing introductions for people and related documents

The first positive results have contributed to enhancing the quality of the coming negotiation rounds. In the talk with Phu Yen newspaper, comrade Nguyen Quoc Hoan, commissioner of the executive board, provincial Party committee cum chairman of the national fatherfront of the province, lets known:

- The first negotiation has shown the atmosphere which is practically democratic in contributing ideas on standards, competence, personalities and conditions to take part in the voting for delegates for the national congress, people’s council in the current period. The provincial national fatherfront has also conducted the activities of checking, supervising to ensure the timely matter, making sure this is done in an economical, efficient manner and proper to the planned contents.

* Can you let known after the first negotiating meeting, how is the structure and quality of introduced delegates? When to conclude the receiving and considering the documents of those cadres?

- Via the first assessment, the quality of the introduced delegates has ensured the standards. Those of ethnic minority groups ensure the quality and constructing the features of representing of the ethnic compatriots. The latest is 7pm on March 14th, the receiving documents will be concluded, considering the recommended delegates/ The final date for organizing the second negotiating round is March 19th.

* To prepare for the second negotiating round, how is the national fatherfront going to develop its supervising role, sir?

- Pursuant to the instructions at notice numbered 12 by the standing board of Vietnam National Fatherfront on instructing checking, supervising the voting task foe the delegates for the national congress and people’s council tenure 2021-2026, the voting committee of the provincial national fatherfront has constructed plans for checking and supervising the task of voting in the province. Accordingly, the father front coordinates with the member organizations and the standing board of the people’s council at the same level to supervise, mobilize the people to supervise the process of voting, contributing to ensuring the vote to occur in a democratic and legal way.

To prepare for the second negotiating session, based on this plan, the standing board of the provincial national fatherfront will conduct checking the national fatherfront at district, commune level and supervise the organizations, individuals taking part in the vote in the province. Checking and supervising to master the situation and result of implementing the voting tasks in the locality, through which to discover the difficulties, entanglements and violations against law of voting to give instructions or making recommendations to the offices, organizations, individuals with authorities to take measures for timely overcoming, contributing to ensuring the voting process to be democratic, legal, safe, economical and actually the entire population’s festival…

* How is the propagating activity done for the voters and people to further and more clearly understand the vote, the people introducing to the national congress, and delegates of the people’s council?

- This is the nation’s significant political event to vote the delegates who are typical, deserving and representing the will, aspirations and the rights of being the master by the people in the new tenure, making positive contributions to constructing, consolidating and completing the State of socialism legitimacy of the people, by the people and for the people.

Therefore, voters and people need to fully understand each candidate to make the wisest option. For this reason, the national fatherfront at all levels need to coordinate with the people’s councils, people’s committees, member organizations, propagating offices, the media to conduct informing, propagating on the vote for delegates for the national congress term XV and delegates of people’s council, tenure 2021-2026; making every voter to understand about the roles and positions of the National congress and people’s council; of the standards set for the national congress, standards of the people’s council; of the rights and obligations of the citizens, voters, self going to vote to choose those deserving to be delegates of the national congress and people’s council, so that the voting day is practical the entire population’s festival.

Timely combat, comment and critisise the false and negative viewpoints which may cause political instability and social disorder so that the voting will be fruitfully held. Requesting the organizations of propagation in the compatible manner, ensuring the equality among those introducing to be the delegates…

Conducting activities to master the situations, ideas, aspirations and recommendations of the people to report to Party levels, government and the national fatherfronts at higher level.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN


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