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Implementing Resolution 18-NQ/TW “Some issues on continuing to renovate, arrange and organize the structure of political system into neat, efficient and effective organization” and resolution 19-NQ/TW) of the central government 6 (term XII) is of urgent manner, bearing great significance in the task of constructing the Party, renovating the political system, meeting the request of development in the new period.

Teachers and students of Hoa Thang 2 primary school having the newly-merged school, meeting the national standard standard

After 3 years, Phu Yen has made breakthroughs in the locality’s socio-eco development. Nevertheless, there remains certain difficulties and challenges, requiring numerous synchronous and more drastic solutions. 

The past three years has proved the fact that the provincial political system has been gradually renovated and rearranged in the directions of being neat, efficient and more effective.

Enhancing the competence of preventive medicine

At the beginning of the year, the preventive medicine staff in Phu Yen province tried all their best to prevent and combat COVID-19 pandemic. Once the COVID-19 situation has turned fairly stable, this force continued facing the extremely serious outbreak of dengue fever. In parallel with that, they had to prevent and combat HFMD-hand-foot-mouth disease, diphtheria and dealt with extensive vaccination…Once dengue has been lessened, they continued with strenuous efforts to prevent and combat “the second wave” of COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the condensed working schedule, the task has been implemented quite efficiently. This obviously proves the timely feature of the establishment of Phu Yen CDC-Center of disease control, which is the combination of three units namely the provincial preventive medicine center, HIV/AIDS preventing-combating center and the provincial center of health education media, CDC Phu Yen is comprised of three faculties, 9 functional divisions with over 100 cadres, officials conducting the major and technical tasks on preventive health, preventing and combating social illnesses, preventing and combating HIV/AIDS, propagating on media means on health education…

The birth of Phu Yen CDC is the turning point during the process of structuring and organizing the preventive medicine in the province. Mr. Ta Quoc Hoi (division of media-health education), lets known: merging to one clue, I do see the more favorable conditions in terms of implementing the major occupational measures. Timely media propagation, health education, enhancing the awareness and action awareness and changing daily habits among the population has been applied to the task of pandemic prevention and combating.

Reducing the number of schools and enhancing educational quality

The joy of teachers and students of Hoa Thang 2 primary school, Phu Hoa district during the days commencing the new school year 2020-2021 has been multiplied once this school got the great honor to be acknowledged national-standarded school. Guiding us to visit the facilities with immense classrooms, the school area has lush green trees providing great shade, Teacher Ung Vinh Thang, the school principal lets known, “at the end of August 2018, Hoa Thang 2 primary school was established on the foundations of merging the two primary schools of Hoa Thang 2 and Hoa Thang 4. The newly-formed school has three teaching points with 23 classrooms, 777 students and 37 cadres, teachers. After the merge, the school continued to stabilize the psychology, ideology for cadres, teachers; simultaneously continuing renovating the teaching-learning methodology, checking the students’ competence in the direction of improving both character and academic competence”.

As shared by teacher Thang, before being merged into one in August 2018, the two schools’ facilities had degraded seriously with deficiency of teaching-learning equipment. After being merged, the school was cared and invested by Phu hoa district to have 4 rows of classrooms, functional rooms, which are modern, meeting the teaching-learning demands.

Two merged into one, doubled strength

Returning to quarter 9, Hai Rieng townlet, Song Hinh district, one year after merging from Suoi May hamlet, quarter 9, we clearly see the changes here. The elderly man named Hoang Van Tuan excitedly shared, “two merged into one is the desire of the inhabitants and the Party; this is also my aspiration as well as the longing of the townlet’s leaders, unifying and showing consensus to open up the new environment for Suoi May hamlet in particular and the townlet in general”.

During the merging process, the human resources task was conducted in a favorable manner, with the high rate of consensus, 100% of the people’s council showed the great consensus via the resolution of merging, which proves the great strength of the great trust. This is implemented thanks to the townlet’s leaders, who simultaneously conducted the task of merging in such a way that it would not cause adverse influence, confusion among the cadres, civil servants, officials of both parties; best dealing with all emerging entanglements to ensure the highest efficiency in all aspects as well as improving the inhabitants’ livelihood once being merged.

Deputy secretary of Hai Rieng townlet’s Party committee, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoai, lets known, “Song Hinh district has 16 hamlets, villages and quarters merged. So far, the district has completed the merging of 8 hamlets, villages and quarters and this is compatible with the area, scope, population, creating favorable conditions for the foundational government in administrative management. Simultaneously creating conditions to improve the material and spiritual life of the inhabitants, contributing to socio-eco development, preserving the locality’s security and order.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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