Human being: the target and motivation for development in the new period

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“Constructing Phu Yen people to be comprehensively developing, attaching intellectual development with physical, moral and social skill development” is one of the focal abd breakthrough tasks in the Resolution of the XVIIth provincial Party Congress, tenure 2020-2025. This is also the target and motivation for the provincial development in the new era.
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Phu Yen people in the new era need to develop comprehensively, attaching intellectual development with physical and social skill development.Photo: Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Mr. Pham Dai Duong sharing the ways to get access to intellectuality via book-reading to the ethnic students of Song Hinh district’s boarding school

Feats after 35 years of renovation-the foundation for the development in the new period

After 35 years of implementing the reform guidelines with the entire nation, 32 years of re-establishing the province, Phu Yen has been gaining increasingly important achievements. Starting as a purely agricultural province, solely majoring in the rice plants, so far, the provincial economy has been diversified and maintaining the fair growth rate. Economic structure has shifted in the direction of industrialization, modernization, Scientific-industrial advances have been increasingly applied into the province’s focal economic sectors, contributing to bringing about high economic value. Tourism has grown quite fast, gradually becoming the focal economic sector, contributing to higher value. Tourism develops fast, and gradually becomes the spear-head economic sector. Traffic infrastructure has been invested in a quite synchronous, modern and thorough manner. The appearance of the urban, rural and even mountainous areas have shown obvious changes and development. The sectors of culture and society have shown lots of positive shifts, the citizens’ quality of life has been enhanced. National defense-security has been consolidated and enhanced. The operation of the political system has been more efficient and effective. The image of Phu Yen homeland has been intensively and extensively advertised to domestic and foreign friends.

During the process, we have experienced one special year of 2020, when such significant events as the all-level Party congress, the XVIIth provincial Party delegate congress, heading towards the XVIIth national Party congress are held; the year 2020 is full of difficulties and challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic, storms, floods…In such context, the entire political system and the inhabitants in the province have been united and highly agreeable to raise the great determination, strong will to drastically implement numerous measures to well implement the double targets, which comprise efficiently preventing-combating COVID-19 pandemic and promoting the socio-eco development, with the advocacy of sacrificing some economic benefits for the sake of the citizens’ health and life. The province’s socio-eco situation has been developed at a fair level, reaching the positive growth in the dramatically difficult context. The province has not seen any case of community-spread COVID-19 infection, which is a praiseworthy result. In parallel with that, the task of constructing the Party and the political system which is strong and transparent in all sectors. The noteworthy point is implementing Order35-CT/TW by the Politburo of the all-level Party congress heading towards the XIIIth Party delegate congress, we have well prepared and successfully organized the XVIIth provincial Party congress, approving the resolution of the Congress with the advocacies, visions and major orientations which are close to reality, and this will be the significant foundations to gradually promote the development of Phu Yen province to the new level, deserving the potentials, advantages and aspirations of the provincial citizens.

Looking back the past journey, we can see that although certain sectors have not achieved the expected level, with such feats, we can take great pride in ourselves, the feats are from the intellectuality, force, devotion of all-generation cadres, Party members, soldiers and people in the province. Those achievements are the foundations for the new era’s development.

Constructing Phu Yen people to develop comprehensively-the target and motivation for development in the new era

Developing human beings is one of the 6 focal and breakthrough tasks in the Resolution of the XVIIth Provincial Party Congress. Also clearly stated in the Resolution is that Phu Yen people in the new era need to develop comprehensively, attaching intellectual development with physical and moral, social skill development.

We are heading towards the year 2021 with lots of important events in the nation in general and in Phu Yen province in particular. These are the event of the national XIIIth Party delegate congress; election for the delegates of the National parliamentary congress term XV and the delegates of the all-level people’s councils, term 2021-2026; this is also the first year of implementing the Party’s resolution of the XIIIth Congress, and the resolution of the XVIIth provincial Party congress…Our cause of constructing and developing in 2021 bears both pros and cons. Intensive-extensive international integration requires our enterprises to fiercely and straight-forward compete right on the domestic land, but these also open up the potential markets for export. Trade wars among major countries have changes the global supply chains, so do they open up the opportunities for us to expect and welcome the shifts in international capital sources. The 4th industrial revolution has brought about both opportunities and challenges to the nation, enterprises and each single person. COVID-19 pandemic has caused numerous risks and dangers but the pandemics is also the time for the localities and units that well implement the synchronous tasks of preventing-combating the pandemic and developing economy-society.

The entire political system needs to be determined to renovate, make the mechanism neat and operate efficiently; well implementing the principles of the Party leading, the government creating, serving; practically placing the inhabitants and enterprises into the focal points of being served, for each single difficulty and entanglement to be removed and tackled so that the enterprises will develop with breakthrough achievements and the citizens to find it favorable to study, produce, entertain, develop comprehensively, become the significant inner force and vitality of the homeland and the nation. Each Party member, cadre and head of every organization needs to show their roles and responsibilities in implementing the tasks and in all life aspects; preserving the discipline, solidarity, making efforts to train the morality, talent to make it equal positions with the tasks and deserve the trusteeship from the Party, the belief from the people; “ It is a must to preserve the status, morality, honor of the Party members and revolutionary cadres” as reminded by the General secretary and State President, Comrade Nguyen Phu Trong.

Clement weather, favorable terrain and concord among the people. Master the opportunities, developing advantages, making breakthroughs in fast and sustainable development is not only the dream and aspiration but also the responsibility of each provincial citizen. It is hoped and trusted that with the spirit of “solidarity-democracy-discipline-reform-development”, with the belief and determination in action, in not-a-distant-future, we will realise the aspiration of constructing a province of Phu Yen being prosperous and peaceful, with the highest and ultimate target of each citizen owning a happy and prosperous life.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN


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