Particularly “Da Dia reefs” and global geological park projects

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Da Dia reef in Phu Yen has known as a unique “wonder” alongthe S-shaped land/ Recently, the “yellow flowers on green grass” land hasdiscovered more reefs and cliffs, mines with the shapes and structures similarto Da Dia Reef. What a favorable condition that nature has brought about to theregion!
Da Dia reef, still bearing the unique values of rock culture not only in Phu Yen but also of the entire nation

At the end of the autumn, the photo of the straight forwardcliffs, lining evenly at An Phu commune exploiting mine (Tuy Hoa city) causedwonder among the public. Mr. Pham Van Bay, director of Phu Yen department ofculture-sports-tourism urgently arrived at the spot. Mr. Bay shared, “Actually,one wonderful natural incident among the immense mountainous area. There cliffsrunning along with some leaning, some circling, some lining. The column-shaped basalcliffs, some horizontal, some vertical with the cutting facades with the shapesof hexagonal or quadrilateral, all similar to Da Dia Reef. Seen from afar, andfrom high above, the cliffs look so much spectacular and mysterious”.

Right after the visit of Mr. Bay, The PPC Vice chairman,Mr.  Phan Dinh Phung paid a visit to thespot, simultaneously issued the official document of the PPC on immediatelystopping the mine exploitation for further surveying, assessing the naturalresources to issue the investment orientations for the sake of sustainabledevelopment, instead of digging the mountain and grinding rocks. Mr.Phungemphasized, “The department of culture-sports-tourism chairs, coordinates withoffices to take solutions for protecting the mines under the Law of culturalheritage, ranking and protecting, preserving and developing the values to servethe socio-eco development, particularly making it possible to serve tourismactivities”.

Also with this time period, leaders of  Tuy An district lets known, in somemountainous communes of An Linh and An Xuan, there happened similar naturalincidents. The erected cliffs in close connection with the space of lakes,  waterfalls, creating the picturesque picturesamid the mountains and forests. The Chairman of Tuy An district’s people’scommittee, Mr. Bui Van Thanh brought the surveying team of the department ofculture-sports-tourism to region 7 (An Xuan commune), where there is Tra Coicanyon, Ho Tron Canyon. In Vinh Xuan hamlet, An Linh commune, there is Songcanyon (the common names are Couple waterfall of Spouse waterfall) and Homcanyon. High from above, the water drops down the erected cliff, beneath is thetransparent water for shining, alike a water-color painting. Indeed, the abovetraits are not newly discovered with such natural and intact beauties, whichhave not been recommended due widely due to difficult traveling conditions.
The discovery of “cliff mines” ashore in An Phu Commune, right in the suburb of Tuy Hoa
city is new. During the process of exploiting for construction rock, the workers discovered
the picturesque and strange rock layers

Another particular geological incident is that AT Yen isletnational scenic spot (An Hoa commune,Tuy An district), from the appearance, itsstructure is exactly the same as Da Dia Reef with shining black basal rocks,which have been eroded by sea waves to shape columns with some places beingformed into cliffs, sharp-edged façade…With local men, Yen islet is considereda giant sail sheltering and protecting the fishing village, or is it similar toa spear (Mac islet) rising high up to the sky, and this feature is theparticular ones of stone, rock,  water,the harmonious traits of nature…

The discoveries of the above geological incidents can provethat nature in the land is really plentiful and bears the close connection withPhu Yen stone culture following the time of Sa Huynh culture. This is such aprecious resource if we take proper orientations and sustainable investment fordevelopment.

It is a wonderful idea to make and complete documents forsuggesting UNESCO to acknowledge the global geological park (GGP), the projectis compatible with the conditions of Phu Yen on the foundations of humanityresources and diversified, plentiful natural resources.

As shared by Dr. Tran Van Tan, head of the Institute ofgeology science and mineral, a region that is acknowledged a GGP bears greatsignificance to protecting the nature,culture as well as the potentials for developing culture, economy,society in a sustainable way, especially: tourism is developed; creatingemployment for the local community; enhancing the awareness of the geologyenvironment; protecting natural environment, protecting the heritages in abetter way…
Hom Canyon (An Linh commune, Tuy An district), where there are waterfalls, lakes
and collosal parallel raising-up  rock columns

At the survey conducted by the Institute of geology scienceand mineral and GGN in Phu Yen, Dr. Tran Van Tan and Mr.Guy Martini,GGN’sgeneral manager highly appreciated the naturalvalues of Phu Yen province, all of these are suitable and eligible formaking documents to present to UNESCO for acknowledging the title of GGN. Mr.Guy Martini and the surveying team came to nearly 20 typical spots like: Da Diareef, Yen islet, Mon beach-Dien cape house, Ong reef (Xep beach), Nhanmountain, Da Trang pagoda, Sa Huynh Go Oc cultural and archeological relic,Xuan Loc diatomitmine, Hoa Loi whale shortening temple, and some craft villagesof fish sauce, anchovy, coracles…”reality of the survey shows that lots ofregions in Phu Yen bear the outstanding geological traits, the formation andoperation of volcanoes formed from more than 100 million years ago. Besides thegeological values of  the relics, Phu Yenalso possesses lots of intangible and tangible cultural heritages, biologicaldiversity and many other forms of ecology….Phu Yen is eligible to makedocuments to present to UNESCO for  beingGGP”, Mr. Guy Martini said.

Phu Yen has one journey of cultural stone heritage, withunique Da Dia Reef in Vietnam and also rare worldwide. In parallel with that isthe tangible and intangible cultural heritages, namely : Bai choi, ho ba trothritual of praying for maturing of E De compatriots…The supplementarydiscoveries of cliffs, waterfalls, mines, rock islands…with similar incidentsfurther consolidate the foundations for forming GGP.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper
Translated by HAI LOAN

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