Phu Yen : First-chosen locality for filming

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From September 12th to September 16th, the film crew advertising tourism, My Vietnam, filmed the first scenes at the region “yellow flowers on green grass”.

One shot scene in which the characters are experiencing the dish named oceanic tuna’s eyes marinated in herbal medicine at PYTOPIA Conference center

The crew made the first scripts introducing the particularly cultural features, the must-visit destinations and the cuisine dishes of “Nau”-rural area. From September 12th to 13th, the crew shot at Ca Pass, Vung Ro, Xep beach, Ong reef-Ba reef, Luong Van Chan shrining temple, White Stone pagoda, Mang Lang church…, experiencing the life of the inhabitants at craft villages majoring in raising lobsters, the cuisine from oceanic tuna at PYTOPIA conference center and Viet Star tourism zone. During the remaining days of the itinerary, the crew shoot at the renowned places of Da Dia Reef, Yen islet, Lao Mai Nha islet, the craft villages and experience the local culture.

The film features MC Tri Nguyen, the guest is the international chef Andy and the second-runner of Miss Vietnam 2018 Thuy An. 

As shared by Mr Le Ngoc Luong, the general coordinator, My Vietnam is the companion of Vietnam tourism sector to carry out the project for advertising tourism in 63 provinces and cities, Phu Yen is the first. The project’s products will bring to the international and domestic tourists a viewpoint, one novel perspective, and the film is broadcast all over Vietnam, Asia and the world; directly broadcast and constantly updated on the social network i.e facebook, youtube, zalo, instagram, twitter…  ebook (bi-lingual) are published on trên Amazon, Tiki…

My Vietnam is one tourism media project conducted by DAT Film as per the advocacy of Vietnam general tourism bureau aimed at stimulating tourism after the two sessions of crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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