Strengthening price management and stabilization during the Lunar New Year

Thứ hai - 13/01/2020 19:42 233 0
PPC Standing Vice Chairman Nguyen Chi Hien has directed departments andagencies to implement the Finance Ministry's Directive No.03/CT-BTC onstrengthening price management and stabilization during the Lunar New Year2020.
The PPC requesting departments and agencies to enhance price management and
stabilization during the Lunar New Year 2020 so that people can rest assured shopping
Accordingly, departments and agencies need to closely monitor movementsof supply, demand, market and price, especially essential commodities in orderto have suitable solutions to stabilize the market in time of high consumerdemand during Tet. Then, promptly advising appropriate method of pricemanagement to stabilize market prices and control inflation; intensifyinginspection of implementation of laws on price management; strictly controllingprice plans and prices for goods and services; comprehensively deployingsolutions and tasks on fighting against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods.

Strengthening inspection of implementation of laws on managing prices,taxes, charges and fees in the locality, especially for essential consumergoods and services and those in the list of declared prices; not lettingsituation of taking advantage of Tet holiday to increase prices, affectingsocial life.

In addition, units need to strengthen fighting against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods, especially forweapons, explosives, firecrackers, goods that violate the environment, andgoods with high demand during the Lunar New Year such as cigarettes, alcohol,poultry and food; strengthening direction, inspection and urging the fightagainst smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeitgoods according to the Plan of fighting against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods before, during andafter the Lunar New Year 2020 of the National 389 Steering Committee.

Source: PhuYen Newspaper
Translated byKHUONG THAO

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