The youth have to nurture ambitions, aspirations of constructing the country

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In the afternoon of March 26th, the executive board of the provincial youth union organized the 90th anniversary of the establishing day of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth (26/3/1931-26/3/2021), honoring typical youth union cadres and progressive youth members following the teaching guidelines of Uncle Ho.
Comrade Cao Thi Hoa An, Standing deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Chairwoman of the provincial People’s Council and Mr Luong Minh Tung, Deputy secretary of the provincial Youth Union, warding merit certificates to the progressive youth role models who follow the teaching guidelines of Uncle Ho

After the musical program with the theme “youth aspirations”, the delegates reviewed the glorious traditions of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth; the achievements gained by Phu Yen youth in the past time. Delivering the speech on reviewing the 90 years of the establishing day of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth, Mr. Phan Xuan Hanh, commissioner of the central youth union, secretary of the provincial youth union, let known: joining hands with the entire nation’s youth, Phu Yen youth in various revolutionary periods have made significant contributions, carving great impressions during the historical length. With the youth vigor and enthusiasm of the youths, with the long-lasting trust and the absolute loyalty to the Party, the nation, all generations of cadres, youth members, Phu Yen youths are continuing the glorious traditions of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth and the previous youth generations, with the great efforts of fulfilling their tasks in the cause of industrialization-modernization, the international integration, constructing and protecting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the target of wealthy citizens, strong country, democracy, equality and civilization 

Addressing at the ceremony, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Mr Pham Dai Duong congratulated the feats gained by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth in Phu Yen province and comrade Duong also commended the efforts of trying, he also acknowledged the precious contributions of the generations of the province’s cadres, youth members, children and juvenile  in the past 90 years. Comrade Duong said that with the current state, conditions, advantages and disadvantages of the country, facing the pros and cons intermingling, facing the requirements of continuing renovation to stretch high and far, the youth, with their young age, revolutionary spirit, dare to think, to do, must be the assaulting force in drastically renovating, enhancing creativity, developing economy on the foundation of science-technology, creative renovation to push the country and homeland to develop further.

Comrade Pham Dai Duong proposed the levels of Youth Unions and the entire province’ young generation to develop the spirit of assaulting, volunteering, asserting the roles and responsibilities of the youth. among these, is is pivotal to construct and permeate, implement the Resolution of the XVIIth national Party delegate congress to all levels, sectors, ministries, departments as well as provincial youth members, constructing the compatible programs to implement towards the fruitful outcome, it is a must to highly appreciate the task of education of politics, ideology, culture among the youth, nurturing the aspiratios and ambitions of constructing the country , obviously being aware of their responsibilities in constructing and protecting the nation. Simultaneously mastering, updating the time’s trends, the world’s scientific-technological progress, constructing the awareness of being of great consensus among the juvenile when it comes to the spirits of start-ups, daring to think and to act, daring to take risks to mature and succeed. Implement the revolutionary activities and movements of the youth union in close connection with the locality’s political tasks with various forms and of great diversity, compatibility with the youth.

Comrade Duong also requested all levels of the Party committees, governments, heads of offices, departments, collectives in the province to care more about the task for the youth and youth movements, create favorable conditions for the youth to train and devote, mature. The provincial youth union and Phu Yen youths studying in every corner of the country need to learn, train, develop the great traditions of the nation, acquiring the elite culture of mankind, science, technology to become the high quality human resources, with great morality, intellectuality and devote to construct the homeland of Phu Yen and Vietnam to develop in a fast and sustainable manner.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN


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