Creating a strong push to revive the tourism industry

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Lessthan two months after the emergence of an acute respiratory infection caused bya new strain of Corona virus (COVID-19), the tourism industry has been severelyaffected. In order to revive this spearhead economic sector of the country, theVietnam Tourism Association (VTA) decided to build and launch a tourismstimulus program across the country; simultaneously, selecting 4 provinces ofPhu Yen - Binh Dinh - Gia Lai - Dak Lak to be first localities to implement theprogram.
Tourists visiting Da Dia Reef
Mr.Vu The Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of the VTA, lets known that except for afew localities in the country which announced the outbreak of COVID-19 and havebeen zoned to prevent the epidemic spread, many other localities in safe areasare also affected by spreading psychology. Tourists can absolutely travel inprovinces in regions of South Central, Highlands, Northwest, Mekong Delta, ConDao, Phu Quoc...

Oneof the specific contents of the tourism stimulus program is to encouragelocalities not affected by the epidemic to focus on surveying and building newtourist products with high safety, diversity and interesting feature; adoptingpolicies on exemption and reduction of tickets to cultural and historicalsites; building a friendly and safe environment to attract tourists.Enterprises in tourism, travel, accommodation, restaurants, services and transportationare encouraged to offer discounts and improving service quality at the sametime, thereby forming tours with high quality and reasonable prices tostimulate tourists.

TheVTA’s tourism stimulus program 2020 under the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic,Phu Yen is selected along with provinces of Binh Dinh, Dak Lak, Gia Lai as thepioneering group. Mr. Pham Van Bay, Director of Phu Yen Department of Culture,Sports and Tourism, lets known: In the context that the tourism industry isfacing difficulties due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the fact of being selected tojoin the alliance and the stimulus program by VTA is a good opportunity for PhuYen and provinces in Central and Highlands regions to revive the tourismindustry which is small scale and seriously affected by the epidemic. Phu Yentourism enterprises have responded positively to the stimulus program throughdiscounts on almost all services of accommodation, food, transportation andtravel...; simultaneously, committing to provide after-sales service and ensurequality of services. Tourists can be assured when coming here.

Itis possible to understand basic reasons for this selection. Firstly, these aresafe localities where epidemics have not occurred. Secondly, they already havehad linkages of tourism development and formed sea-forest tours with attractivedestinations and relatively specific schedules. Many activities in promotionhave been implemented, such as: organizing "Highlands - South CentralHouse" at tourist fairs, linking tourism website of 4 provinces andfamtrip delegations; exchanging through big festivals, Culture - Tourism Weeksto introduce tourism products of each other...

Assessingstrength of the 4-province tour, Mr. Dam Dai Huu, Director of Dai Huu TravelCo., Ltd., lets known: “The Central and Highlands provinces are emergingdestinations of tourism in Vietnam. They have numerous potentials, beautiful scenes,rich sedimentary culture that tourists do not know much. They also haveadvantage of flight routes. Tourists from Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi city cantravel by air to one province and then coming back from another of the 4 provinces.A trip with 4 destinations, both sea and forest is really interesting”.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper
Translated by KHUONGTHAO

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