Offering incense sticks to commemorate the great name Luong Van Chanh

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On March 11th (February6th Ky Hoi lunar calendar), at the national historical relic zone ofthe tomb and temple of the great name Luong Van Chanh (Long Phung hamlet, HoaTri commune, Phu Hoa district), the people’s committee of Phu Hoa districtsolemnly organized the ceremony to commemorate the great name Luong Van Chanhand the ancestors who had discovered, created the land of Phu Yen;inaugurating, attaching the work of celebrating 30 years of reestablishing PhuYen province (1/7/1989-1/7/2019).
Provincial leaders offering incense sticks to commemorate the great name Luong Van Chanh

At the ceremony, deputy secretary of the district’s Partycommittee cum chairman of Phu Hoa district’s people’s committee, Mr. Le NgocTinh delivered a speech to review the life, cause and great merit of sir LuongVan Chanh and the ancestors for the feat of discovering and creating the landof Phu Yen. 

The great name Luong Van Chanh was born in the 40s of 18thcentury, in Thanh Hoa province, Sir Luong Van Chanh discovered the 
land of Phu Yen more than 400 years before. In1578, Lord Nguyen Hoang assigned Luong Van Chanh to bring army to stabilize theland from Cu Mong pass to  Ca Pass,gradually creating the very first villages on Da Rang river, Cai river delta.

Under his management, this place has been quickly turned intothe prosperous land with the developed agriculture and also the foundation forLord Nguyen to establish Phu Yen residence in the year 1611. In Tan Hoi year1611, Luong Van Chanh passed away and the dynasty Nguyen, Nguyen Kings conferredthe title to Luong Van Chanh being “thuong dang than”-top deity.

Luong Van Chanh was honored as tutelary god by Phu Yeninhabitants. In 1996, the tomb and 
templeof Luong Van Chanh  was acknowledged as the national levelhistorical relics. From 2008 up to now, Phu Hoa district has selected February6th lunar calendar every year (the day when Luong Van Chanh received the decreefrom Lord Nguyen Hoang to come and break fresh ground on Phu Yen land ) toorganize the festival.

* On this occasion, the work of renovating the historicalrelics of the Tomb and 
templeof Luong Van Chanhwasinaugurated and attached the sign of celebrating 30 years of re-establishingPhu Yen province (1989-2019). The work comprises the items of upgrading,expanding the memorial house; newly constructing the waiting lounge incombination with the souvenir shop; upgrading the back house in combinationwith the warehouse; upgrading the worshipping temple in the tomb zone; This isthe level-3 work with the total investment level of more than 3.9 billion dongsfrom the source of sponsoring and local sources.

Vice chairman of Phu Hoa district’s people’s committee, Mr.Dinh Cong Thach, let known: the investment and construction, maintenance,restoration of the historical relic of Luong Van Chanh’s tomb and temple beingput into operation bears the great significance in creating the landscape andmeeting the essential facilities to serve tourists. Simultaneously, proving theholy, solemn manner, the doctrine of “drinking water, remember the source” ofthe cadres and people in Phu Yen to the great man Luong Van Chanh.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper
Translated by HAI LOAN

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