National Father Front officials must be enthusiastic, mindful, and competent

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The Delegation of  Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee,led  by Mr. Tran Thanh Man, Secretary ofthe Party Central Committee and Central Committee Chairman of the VietnamFatherland Front, has just paid a working to Phu Yen.
Mr. Tran Thanh Man presenting gifts to the students of Lac Long Quan Primary School (Tuy Hoa City)
At the workingsession, Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee Nguyen Quoc Hoanreported the progress of deploying the National Congress of the FatherlandFront (NCFF) of the 2019-2024 term of the province. Accordingly, on March 9, thereare 112/112 communes, wards and towns in the whole province successfullyorganized (NCFF) at the grassroots level on time and requested according to theplan.

The StandingCommittee of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee has assigned members tomonitor and guide NCFF in 9 districts, towns and cities; Notice to allocate thenumber of official delegates at the district level to attend NCFF at theprovincial level. Up to now, all districts, towns and cities have had theregistration schedule for congresses from 21 March to 22 May. The ProvincialStanding Committee of the Fatherland Front chose 
Tuy Hoa City as the organization of the districtmeeting.

At theprovincial level, in preparation for this work, the Standing Committee had awritten request for comments and was unanimously agreed by the Provincial PartyCommittee on the number of delegates, the number of members of the ProvincialFatherland Front Committee, ensured 100% a member organization with a leader isa member; ensured 25-30% off-party rate; The structure of female, religious andethnic minorities is in line with the actual local situation etc. The meetingtime is July 17 and 18.

Concluding  the meeting, Mr. Tran Thanh Man highlyappreciated the progress of the provincial NCFF implementation and said thatPhu Yen was one of six localities across the country to complete the grassrootslevel soon; The provincial Fatherland Front is the newly which was awarded bythe Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front Central for the implementation ofpatriotic emulation movements and campaigns, especially the campaign "Allpeople unite to build a new countryside, capital civilization ”.

Heemphasized, "NCFF must be a political activity, proactive, creative inorder to find new things. Congress documents have to be easy to understand,remember, easy to do. The objectives set out at the congress must be specific,close to reality, done to be told in parallel with doing, depending on thespecific conditions of the locality to set out the jobs. Negotiation forappointing a member of the Fatherland Front Committee at all levels to becadres of the Front who are enthusiastic, mindful and capable. NCFF at alllevels should create new changes in awareness and action ”.

On thisoccasion, the delegation presented Phu Yen with 1,000 boxes of milk, 500cartons of noodles. 
Visiting Lac Long Quan Primary School(Tuy Hoa City),Mr. Tran Thanh Man and his delegation gave 20 gifts to poor students who aregood at school, each with 2 boxes of milk, 1 carton of noodles.

On behalf ofthe Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Mr. Tran Thanh Man alsopresented 5 great unity houses to 5 policy households and poor households inHoa An commune (Phu Hoa district), each of which worth 40 million VND.Particularly, as for comrades, each household was given a gift of 1 millionVND.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper
Translated by HAI LOAN


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