Vietnam’s tourism potential highlighted in Ukraine

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A seminar featuringVietnam’s tourism potential has taken place in Kiev, Ukraine, attracting nearly200 guests from Ukrainian travel agencies. 
At the event - Source: VNA

Speaking at the opening ceremony on March 14, VietnameseAmbassador to Ukraine Nguyen Anh Tuan briefed participants about Vietnam’scountry, people, multi-racial culture and tourism potential. 

He said Vietnam is attractive to foreign visitors worldwideand those from Ukraine in particular thanks to its popular scenic spots,beautiful beaches and tropical climate. 

Vietnam is also well-known for its diverse culture,hospitable people and improving tourist services, he said.  However, youngUkrainian generations have yet to learn much about the Asian country so thatthe embassy decided to hold the event. 

A representative from Ukraine’s Travel Professional Group(TPG) presented in details Vietnam’s popular destinations and touristservices. 

Co-hosted by the Vietnamese embassy in Ukraine, UkrainianChamber of Commerce and Industry and TPG, the event aimed to promote bilateraltourism cooperation, thus tightening friendship and comprehensive partnershipbetween the two nations.

Source: VNA

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