Judicial reforms for speeding up the settlement of administrative cases

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The Provincial Steering Committee for Judicial Reforms has held a symposium on resolving administrative judgments, summarizing judicial reforms in 2023, and implementing orientations and tasks in 2024.
Comrade Cao Thi Hoa An, Provincial Party Committee Permanent Deputy Secretary, Provincial People's Council Chairman, and Head of the Provincial Steering Committee for Judicial Reforms, addressing the conference

The number of provincial administrative cases has recently tended to increase with growing complexity. The administrative court complaint situation has increased rapidly in number and complexity, especially in recovery of the field, compensation, and support when the state recovers land (accounting for 89.8%).

The cause is largely due to shortcomings and violations in land management and the implementation of land policies. Some conflicting and overlapping legal documents lead to difficulties in application and settlement. The legal regulations on land have evolved with time. The settlement of land complaints and disputes in some localities has not been timely. Executive consciousness of law among some people is not high...

In the face of these challenges, the Phu Yen two-level People's Court will strengthen coordination with procedural agencies in 2023 to implement breakthrough solutions. As a result, the administrative judgment settlement rate reached 89.3%, and the number of cases resolved increased sharply compared to the past.

Furthermore, judicial reform works have been well-executed at all provincial levels and branches, and the coordination between judicial agencies has been stronger. Investigation, prosecution, trial, and judgment execution quality has been improved; judicial support has changed positively; and judicial apparatus organization has been strengthened and consolidated. The activities of judicial agencies have made an important contribution to ensuring political security, social order, and safety in the locality.

At the conference, leaders of departments and localities discussed and proposed solutions to solve difficulties and problems, improve administrative judgment settlement efficiency, and improve judicial reform quality in the coming time.

Addressing the conference conclusion, comrade Cao Thi Hoa An noted the positive results achieved by agencies, units, and localities over the past time. Simultaneously, it is important to note that in the coming time, agencies and units need to further promote the role of all levels, branches, and localities in assigned task performances, raise the spirit and sense of duty, and not let the case backlog, prolong, or give rise to complaints and denunciations.

Moreover, party committees and local authorities at all levels further strengthen the dialogue with the people, resolve conflicts at the grassroots level, perform the work of people's peace for the people, ensure that justice must be implemented, protect the rights, legitimate rights, and interests of citizens, etc.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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