Phu Yen joining hands, hearts and minds to prevent the pandemic COVID-19

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On behalf of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial people’s council, the provincial people’s committee, the national fatherfront at the province, comrade Huynh Tan Viet, commissioner of the central Party Committee, secretary of the provincial Party committee, chairman of the provincial people’s council has just appealed to all compatriots, soldiers, comradres in the province to develop the tradition of united solidarity, unified in minds and hearts to overcome challenges, difficulties, prevent the pandemic COVID-19 efficiently.

Comrade Huynh Tan Viet

Phu Yen Online takes the honor to introduce the entire appealing speech by comrade Huynh Tan Viet:

Dear compatriots, comrades, soldiers,

The pandemic COVID-19 is continuing to spread globally, which has immense and comprehensive impacts on the nations’ socio-eco lives. So far, more than 200 countries and territories have confirmed cases with the total number of nearly 860,000 and over 42,000 deaths. In Vietnam, 212 cases have been confirmed being contracted; the numbers of cases is increasing and we are facing the high risks of infection within the community.

In Phu Yen province, in the past time, the entire provincial political system has been involved in the efforts to prevent and control the pandemic, the coordination in action is quite synchronous, drastic, as per the spirit of “combating epidemic is like combating enemies”. The joyful signal is that so far, our province has not got any confirmed cases. This is the result gained thanks to the synchronous, drastic participation of the entire political system as well as the joining hands, hearts and minds, the voluntary awareness of Phu Yen inhabitants, who strictly obey the measures of preventing, controlling the pandemic.

The provincial Party Committee, the provincial people’s council, the national father front at the province commended the efforts made by all levels, sectors and the entire population in preventing and controlling the pandemic COVID-19, particularly commending the efforts and attempts made by the medical staff, doctors, who work at the frontline in the anti-pandemic battlefield. 

As forecast, the pandemic situation will continue to develop complicatedly and unexpectedly with high risks of spreading extensively, seriously threatening the lives, health of the human, the nation’s economy and society in general, our province’s in particular and it is likely to cause further and more serious aftermaths. Therefore, the Central Party, the government have taken drastic, strong directions to prevent and control the pandemic and the most recent order is the order numbered 16/CT-TTg dated 31/3/2020 by the Prime minister.

To contribute to the task of preventing, controlling pandemic in the locality, the entire provincial political system will need to make high concentration to drastically implement the measures of preventing and controlling the pandemic as per the directions of the central government and the province; not being too panic but absolutely avoiding being subjective, neglective; it is essential to master, control, prevent efficiently. Each office, unit, organization, locality has to closely follow the higher levels’ directions, be active and closely coordinate to well implement the tasks of prevent, control the pandemic; giving priorities to the forces, time and efforts to this vital task.

The provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s council, the national fatherfront in the province would like to appeal to all compatriots, comrades and soldiers to develop the tradition of being united, solidary, agree on one will and act, highly raise the awareness of obey and propagate, mobilize the relatives, friends to strictly observe the measures of preventing and controlling the pandemic with the spirit of “each citizen is each soldier in the battlefield of preventing and controlling the pandemic”; responding and strictly implementing the task of entire social distancing with the principle of family being isolated with family, hamlet being isolated with hamlet, commune being isolated with commune, district being isolated with district, province being isolated with province; everyone joins hearts and minds to overcome the difficulties and challenges to efficiently prevent and control the pandemic COVID-19, construct the homeland of Phu Yen into a wealthier, nicer, safer and more hospitable to tourists.

Cordially thank you.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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