Great determination to construct Tuy Hoa into a civilized and modern urban

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Implementing Resolution 06-NQ/TU dated 24/6/2016 by the executive board of the provincial Party Committee on leading the construction and development of Tuy Hoa city into a green-clean-nice urban, which is friendly and gradually modern, the Party committee, government and citizens of Tuy HoA City have been united and actively overcome the challenges and difficulties, therefore, certain positive achievements have been gained.
Tuy Hoa city’s urban infrastructure has been further invested and developed

The city has been gradually invested with urban embellishment, the infrastructure has been further immense. Lots of major projects in the locality have been put into operation, which changes the urban’s appearance, step by step improving life quality, and this is highly appreciated by both local residents and tourists.

To successfully implement Resolution 06, provincial and Tuy Hoa city’s leaders have drastically carried out numerous solutions. According to Mr. Huynh Ngoc Oanh, standing deputy secretary of Tuy Hoa city’s Party committee, the city has concreted the resolution of the city’s XVth Party Congress into 10 action plans for the entire term, clearly defining 9 focal tasks and 3 breakthroughs with the motto “solidarity-democracy-intellectuality”. In parallel with that, Tuy Hoa city’s people’s committee has implemented plan numbered 134/UBND dated 29/8/2016 on implementing the green-clean-nice urban with concrete deeds. Furthermore, since the year 2016, Tuy Hoa city has conducted the “year of urban order and civilization”, from which, lots of great and meaningful action plans have been carried out with great consensus and contributions by the city’s inhabitants.

For Tuy Hoa city to develop in the proper directions, Tuy Hoa city has concentrated on completing the overall scheme, namely: scheming for socio-eco development to the year 2020; scheme on land use to the year 2020, the 5-year plan of land use during the period of 2015-2020…These schemes lay foundations for investment to develop the urban functional zones as well as projects’ implementation.

During the process of urban construction and development, Tuy Hoa city has constantly mobilized and appealed as well as developing the unions’ and organizations’ roles. One of the successes in implementing Resolution 06 is the shift in the inhabitants’ awareness. The models of “planting flowers to overwhelm garbage”, “urban ordered and civilized roads”…have been strongly applied by communes and wards in Tuy Hoa city. Mr. Hoac Hoang Phuong, standing deputy secretary of Party committee, ward 2, lets known : the ward has chosen some routes in quarter 6 to conduct the model themed “urban ordered and civilized road”. Under the direction of the Party committee and the coordination among unions, organizations, the inhabitants have changed their habits into preserving the shared environment and order and no longer throwing garbage onto the streets.

The developing imprint of Tuy Hoa city is shown via the drastic development in urban infrastructure. In concrete, Tuy Hoa city’s people’s committee has concentrated in implementing solutions to invest in technical infrastructure in the modern and synchronous direction; opening up the horizontal routes, vertical ones for urban development. The parks, construction sites, green tree road medians on the sidewalks have been. Newly planted and efficiency has been proved; the road lighting systems, decorative lights have been invested. The cross roads like Dien Bien Phu, Nguyen Trai, Ly Thuong Kiet…have been step by step opened up extensively. Particularly, some major projects invested by enterprises have been completed and put into operation, like Vincom Plaza, PYTOPIA conference-wedding party center…, chains of restaurants, resorts along Tuy Hoa city, and a range of provincial works, central works have been carried out in the locality, these include Da Rang bridge, Song Chua bridge, Ho So monitoring lake, coastal park, Nghinh Phong-Nguyen Huu Tho junction, Doc Lan…, all of which have contributed to shifting Tuy Hoa city’s appearance.

According to Mr Le Vinh Thanh, Vice chairman of Tuy Hoa city’s people’s committee, for the city to develop in the proper direction, the task of infrastructure management in traffic, utilities, environmental hygiene, green trees, public lighting, drainage in the locality have to drastically implemented. The level of majoring in management task has been enhanced for the sake of higher quality. At the moment, the infrastructure has been invested in the direction of being synchronous and has gradually met the demands of urban development.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN


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