Improving the efficiency of propaganda at sea and on islands

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Identifying the significance of sea and islands for the cause of building and defending the country, over the past years, the Party committees, authorities, agencies and units in the province have always focused on innovating and improving the efficiency of propaganda on sea and islands. In which, closely coordinating with security and defense forces located in the province and the region to create breakthrough changes, bringing practical effects to this work.

The Propaganda department of Phu Yen Party Committee and the Naval Technical Department signing a joint plan of propaganda of sea and islands in 2021

In order to strengthen forces and improve quality of propaganda on sea and islands, by 2020, the provincial Party Standing Committee unanimously agreed to increase numbers of the party committee members at district and commune levels for leaders and commanders of border posts in the coastal localities. According to the Party Committee of the provincial Border Guard Command, up to now, the Party Committee has agreed to assign 10 cadres and commanders of border posts to join the party committees of localities, including 4 ones at district level and 6 ones at commune level.

In addition to strengthening the propaganda forces,  the propaganda of sea and islands has also been directed and deployed strongly, synchronously, comprehensively and systematically directed and deployed, becoming rich in content and diverse in forms. Some typical activities are such as: organizing training courses on propaganda and dissemination of laws of sovereignty and border of the sea and islands of Vietnam and Phu Yen province; mobile exhibitions of photos, documents and maps with the theme of "Paracel island and Spratly island belong to Vietnam-Historical and legal evidences"; conference to disseminate legal documents and sign commitments to abide by the law on protecting environment and wild animals in the water for individuals and organizations in aquaculture field; determining the boundary of administrative management of sea and islands in Phu Yen province and advising the PPC to negotiate the delimitation of the maritime boundary between Phu Yen and provinces of Binh Dinh and Khanh Hoa. The Department of Foreign Affairs coordinates agencies under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to update official information on the situation of the East Sea and sea and island border in the locality ... to serve the task of propaganda.

In the coming time, the East Sea situation may remain complicated, directly and multifaceted impacting on national defense, security, stability and development of the country. Enemy forces are constantly making corrupt use of the East Sea issue to carry out propaganda against our Party and State. Besides, the COVID-19 epidemic continues to become complicatedly and unpredictably ... The above situation makes the task of propaganda on sea and islands of Vietnam in general and Phu Yen province in particular face new requirements with numerous difficulties and challenges.

According to Mr Bui Thanh Toan, member of the provincial Party Standing Committee cum Head of the provincial Party Committee’s Propaganda Department, in order to promote efficiency of coordination in propaganda and the great national unity in protecting national sovereignty, sea and island borders in the coming time, the Party committees at all levels in the province need to continue to thoroughly grasp, propagate and implement effectively the Action Program No. 23-CTr/TU, dated March 26th, 2019 of the provincial Party Committee on implementing the Resolution of the 8th session of the Central Party Committee Conference (12th tenure) on the strategy for sustainable development of Vietnam marine economy to 2030, with a vision to 2045; the Action Program No.24-CTr/TU, dated July 16th, 2019 of the  provincial Party Standing Committee on implementing the Politburo’s Resolution No.33-NQ/TW, dated September 28th, 2018 on the strategy for national border protection. Studying, proposing and implementing solutions to further improve quality and effectiveness of the program on coordination in propagating sea and islands between the provincial Party Committee and the People’s Navy; promoting the use of modern communication methods in propaganda.

“Along with that, improving the quality and efficiency of oral propaganda; promoting the role of cadres at grassroots, religious dignitaries, prestigious people in the community, the elders and leaders of villages, members of socio-political organizations... in propaganda on sea and islands in the locality. Further enhancing role of the media in propaganda activities. Increasing news and articles on examples of good people and good deeds in the field related to sea and islands; simultaneously, resolutely fighting, criticizing and denying false information about the East Sea issue", Mr Bui Thanh Toan emphasized.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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