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As planned, the XVIIth Phu Yen provincial Party delegate congress (term 2020-2025) occurs from October 13th to October 16th at Dien Hong cultural house. So far, the preparing tasks have been completed and ready for the Congress with great hope for numerous imprints.

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Comrade Pham Dai Duong (left) and leaders of related departments, sectors checking Dien Hong cultural house, where the XVIIth provincial Party delegate Congress takes place

The Congress is officially attended by 318 delegates, who are the representatives of will, determination, intellectuality for 43,500 Party members in the entire provincial Party committee, and the delegates are going to decide the significant contents for the development orientations of Phu Yen in the coming 5-year period;  elite human resources will be elected to the executive board of the provincial Party committee, tenure XVII, these are to be in charge of the assigned tasks, constructing Phu Yen to develop in a fast and sustainable manner.

The Foundations from the all-level Party congress and the higher level congress

According to comrade Nguyen Huu Hiep, commissioner of the executive committee, head of the provincial propagating committee, determining the all-level Party congress heading towards the XVIIth Provincial Party delegate congress is the intensive-extensive congress within the entire Party, population and soldiers, the executive committee of the provincial Party committee has concentrated on the tasks of preparing and organizing the Party congress; developing democracy in parallel with firmly preserving, tightening discipline; highly appreciating the quality and efficiency, highly raising the sense of responsibilities of all-Party levels, Party organizations, first and foremost those of the leaders; ensuring the safety, practicality, avoiding boasting, determiningly combating wastefulness and negativity.

“With the spirit of being flexible, creative, ensuring the safety during the COVID-19 pandemic time, the executive board of the provincial Party committee has fruitfully lead, directed the Party congress at the foundation and up to July 30th, 2020, all of 13 Party foundations in the entire provincial Party organization had been successfully organized, which lays the significant premises for the task of successful organization of the XVIIth provincial Party congress”, comrade Nguyen Huu Hiep emphasized.

Actively, positively constructing the documents and human resources 

To be active in the task of preparing and organizing the XVIIth provincial Party congress, since the beginning of April 2019, the provincial Party committee had established the minor content board, led by provincial Party Secretary. Mr. Le Tan Ho, head of the office at the provincial Party committee, head of the editing division for the minor content board, lets known, during the process of preparing for the documents of the Congress, particularly political reports, the executive board of the provincial Party committee and the standing division of the minor content board conducted surveying practically, working with some localities and units; simultaneously receiving ideas from all-class populations, ideas of the provincial former leaders, the viewpoints of scientists, intellectuals, artists, the ideas from the Party congress of 13 units directly belonging to the provincial Party organization nd some central ministries and boards. The minor content board had held three meetings, the standing board of the provincial Party committee had held 4 meetings, the provincial Party committee had conducted 4 meetings to complete the draft political reports as well as some other documents from the offices majoring in consulting and assisting tasks for the central government and the politburo, the Secretariat had judged, approved as stipulations. 

Completing the preparing tasks

So far, the preparing tasks for the XVIIth provincial Party delegate congress have been completed in the contents, assigned plans. The minor organizing committee to serve the Congress, the related divisions, offices and units have actively, urgently, attentively conducted and prepared all facilities to serve the congress, with such completed tasks as repairing, decorating the congress’ hall; setting the plan for the delegate teams’ delegates, guests; preparing meeting rooms to serve the discussion sessions at the delegate; arranging the catering areas; mobilizing, arranging vehicles to pick up delegates; arranging automatic sanitizing machines, medical staff to care for the delegates’ health…

In parallel with that, the executive board, the standing board of the provincial Party committee have led, directed the functional authorities to mobilize forces, actively implement solutions, plans to ensure the absolute safety, order for the Congress. The activities of propagating before, during and after the Congress have been implemented extensively to contribute to creating the spreading effects, raising the awareness of the cadres, Party members, peoples of the congress’ meanings, significance and the viewpoints, advocacies, major orientations, making contributions to creating the consensus for successfully organizing the congress and bringing the Resolution to life.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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